June 27, 2014

The Origin of National Onion Ring Day

Typically when I tell someone I’m the founder of National Onion Ring Day they’re pretty indifferent about it, but the strangest thing happened to me this past June 22nd. Instead of the typical response, my friend was incredulous: “Is this TRUE? I need PROOF!”

So I did a little digging and it turns out that the holiday I set up for kicks and giggles 8 years ago is now kind of a thing; it has an established hashtag on twitter, and once a year it is more popular than ‘running through the woods’ and ‘pickled pig feet’. It’s only been a thing for three yours now, and we’ll call that exhibit A. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about the history and origin of National Onion Ring Day.

Many years ago a younger and somewhat sillier version of me had a crush on a girl I worked with at a one week camp for the mentally and physically handicapped. It was the final day and as fate would have it onion rings were being served in the cafeteria. I pocketed the smallest one I could find and later proposed with the somewhat beat-up yet still remarkably greasy onion ring. It was decided then and there that we would get married on National Onion Ring Day. 

Now this was the year before Steve Jobs revolutionized society with the launch of the iPhone, so I headed home from camp looking forward to discovering the date for my onion ring wedding. But when I got home and searched Google the humble onion ring had no holiday. Unperturbed I set out to right this injustice. I used what little I knew of the internet to found National Onion Ring Day on June 22… because June is great and I liked the number 22. The National Onion Ring Day Association was founded, and that along with a no longer existing wiki article are the humble beginnings of National Onion Ring Day.

That's the story and here is the evidence:

According to the internet there is a general consensus that National Onion Ring Day is June 22.  The proposal and setting of the date as June 22 happened in 2006, this is confirmed by the National Onion Ring Day Association Google Group page, which we will call Exhibit B. In Exhibit A we see that National Onion Ring Day didn't have much if any popularity prior to 2011 and since I established the date in 2006 it seems logical that it's founding has its origins in that crush I had 8 years ago.

This is the first time I've done much of anything involving National Onion Ring Day since its founding (the only thing I did was put it on my Amazon Author page). The fact that people know it and celebrate it speaks to one of the truths of the internet: what you create online can have a life of its own. 

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