May 6, 2015

The biggest mistake B2B marketers fall into...

Ok, how many of you saw this video of a toddler shooting hoops? His father made a highlight video and it went truly viral on YouTube, over 30 million combined between the first video and the follow up. The toddler became famous, got the chance to beat Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper in a shootout, and even got to show off a bit during the halftime of a college basketball game. Or how about ‘kickalicious’? a Norwegian placekicker who made a highlight reel kicking footballs and ended up on the Detroit Lions?

These guys created remarkable videos, ones people couldn’t help but comment on and share. In return they got some awesome opportunities and a good bit of cash.

Being Remarkable
All the viral videos you’ve seen have one thing in common: they make you want to tell your friends about it. Whether they make you want to tell them how cool it is or how stupid, they make you want to say something about them; in a word they are remarkable.

You can’t overemphasize the importance of our shift towards an attention economy. A new type of asset in this world is remarkability and I’m going back to the traditional definition with this. A remarkable thing is anything that causes people to say something about it. Whether in agreement or disagreement, anything that is unique enough to make people want to respond to it is remarkable.
One of the easiest marketing errors to fall into is being boring. A lot of marketing is boring, and the cool thing about that is it opens the door for us. If you can be remarkable, then you can drive traffic and sales.
If you understand how to make stuff that gets people talking it can go viral. There is a lot to learn about creating content that can get people’s attention, and marketers all have their different strategies for capturing this elusive goal.

Now you might be thinking, “yeah this is all great, but I’m not marketing a kid who can do trick shots or some other viral sensation.” and you’re right. But the good news is you’re not looking to sell to Bradley Cooper or the Detroit Lions, you’re stuff doesn’t need to be remarkable to them, it needs to be remarkable to your customers.

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