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Thanks! I'll be in touch :)


I believe the world needs people who think differently, engage honourably, and laugh easily, and that is what I’m trying to be. 


Right now, that means focusing on simplifying complex workflows as part of a kickass team at DAIS technology. DAIS is helping insurance agencies by reengineering their sales, marketing, and quoting processes; bringing tech advances to bare on this industry that desperately needs innovation.

I'm also working with People Church on an innovative new tool called Renée that helps churches better connect to their people. 


Understanding and helping people significantly drives both my work and my life. As a tech focused designer, I’m committed to developing and promoting design that holistically focuses on the person above the product or business. That is the key in this distraction dominated age to creating a world we want to live in. In my life, I’ve written books about data, marketing and strategy, taught university classes on persuasion in the digital age, and studied psychology and persuasion at Oxford University.

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