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The Beginning: Part 1

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Before the beginning of all things there was nothing - no life, no earth, no heavens, no stars, no sky, and no stories… there was just the Creative One, but he held a story in his heart with a secret at its center.

Now the Creative One knew all possible stories, not just what has come to pass but all that could have come to pass and all that can now come. He knew what would be if three suns crowned the sky or all land floated, if magic ruled or the sky had no stars. He imagined it all in silence, for he was all that existed.

But one day the Creative One spoke and gave birth to his great story. The earth and the stars took their shape, the moon shot to the heavens and the sun danced across the sky, the ground formed and plants and birds and fish and everything that lives took its place. The beauty of earth appeared and the Creative One saw it, and saw that it was good.

The Creative One turned to the dust of the earth and began to work, and into this work he put his very self. Where the earth and the trees and the fish and the bees took shape from his words, for this work He breathed into it His breath and His image and His essence. Here was the man Adam and soon then the woman Eve, they walked with the Creative One in the cool of His dawn in the blessing of His garden, and all was very good. And so began the Creative One’s great story.

Now He walked with them many days and taught them many things, and He said, “Mighty Adam and dearest Eve, you’re favored above all my creation. To you I’m giving the story of this world, and the story of its creatures, name them and know them, for this world is your charge... There is but one thing you cannot do, do not eat of that tree, for if you do you will surely die.”

And as He walked and talked with his favored ones in their beautiful world, the Creative One’s heart was heavy… For He knew all possible stories, and He knew what must happen.


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